Aqua Festival Tie Dye - Oakley Brushed Sweater Knit - By The Yard

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Here is a list of the MOST you can fit into each size box (depending on fabric thickness). For more specific questions about your order, please contact us.

PADDED FLAT RATE ENVELOPE (PFRE): up to 4 yards *$7.55 domestic 
MEDIUM FLAT RATE BOX (MFRB): up to 7-10 yards *$13.20 domestic 
LARGE FLAT RATE BOX (LFRB): up to 14-20 yards *$18.30 domestic 
*INTERNATIONAL RATES: We ship with USPS products. International shipping can be expensive, but please be aware that we only charge what USPS charges. We, unfortunately, do not make these rates or have control over them.

*PLEASE NOTE: Orders of 40+ yards are over our calculators max so shipping is not charged until we can get an exact assessment of the cost of shipping. In these cases, we will contact you when we have an exact shipping total for you.

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Nearly all sweater knit is some sort of poly spandex blend. Sweater knit typically varies in the weave. Open weaves are very loose and more see through.

Hacci is a type of sweater knit with a semi-closed weave that comes in many weights: light, medium, and heavy weight.

Brushed Hacci/Sweaterknit would be sweater knit that has been brushed thus making it even MORE cuddly and soft.  It can be brushed on the one side, or both sides.

Ana Hacci is a slightly lighter weight with a semi-closed weave but is perfect for making layering items.

Ideas of what you can make: Cardigans, sweaters, long sleeved tops, joggers.

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