So, Is Sewing Affordable- Online Boutique Edition

Many of us have been there- scrolling through our various social media feeds, checking out the latest posts from influencers, when a cute, shoppable link pops up. Maxi dresses for $19! Trendy athleisure sets for $25! These are certainly tempting, as many of these items are priced cheaper than what they can be made for. But are they really worth it?

  Most of the time, items advertised on places like Instagram and other social media platforms are just not worth the risk involved in purchasing them. Oftentimes, the actual item sent is a far cry from what was advertised. The quality is sub-par, the fit is non-standard, and (usually) return policies to these shops are non-existent.

 And while it may be fun to “window shop” at these various online shops, I find it light years safer and more satisfying to make my own version!

There are so many reasons to do this, including being able to make an item of clothing custom to one’s measurements, but for me, the main incentive is QUALITY. I always know what I’m getting when I sew my own clothing. Am I a little hard on seams? I can reinforce them. Do I want pockets? I add them! And while I may be spending a bit more on fabric and supplies to make these items myself, I know that I will be getting a finished product that I will love and be proud of.










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Take for instance, the tie dye lounge set. These are everywhere nowadays, and I mean EVERYWHERE. It seems I couldn’t hop onto Instagram or Pinterest without seeing a set, and it didn’t take me long to realize that I needed one. I mean, who DOESN’T want to be quarantining in comfy tie dye? (The answer is no one, I tell you, no one!)


             Behold. My Pinterest feed... So. Much. Tie. Dye. 


 And while I might be tempted to buy one online, I knew I would be so much happier if I took the time and care to make one myself.


 Luckily for me, So Sew English had just recently stocked some gorgeous French terry in different tie dye prints, and of course I scooped them up as soon as I was able. Getting my mits on this pretty pastel French terry as soon as it came out of my dryer, I set to work. And in a little under an hour, I had the perfect, Instagram-ready lounge set!

Now, let’s talk price. At $8.99 a yard, I used nearly a full two yards to create my look, bringing the total cost of my outfit to a little under $20. Could I get it cheaper online? Absolutely. But the uncertainty regarding the quality, fit and feel of the garment makes making it on my own for a few dollars more well worth it!

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