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SSE- So Sew English


DBP - Double Brushed Poly


SBP - Single Brushed Poly


FT - French Terry


RSL FT - Right Side Loop French Terry


SK - Sweater Knit


ITY - Interlock Twist Yarn


PF - Performance


PRS - Poly Rayon Spandex


RS - Rayon Spandex


PT - Ponte


DK - Double Knit


CS - Cotton Spandex


CM - Cotton Modal


PC - Poly Cotton


CSJ - Cotton Style Jersey


MVC - Micro Viscose Cotton


MP - Modal Ponte


CPRS - Cotton Poly Rayon Spandex


BR - Brushed


LT - Light




PFRE - Padded Flat Rate Envelope


MFRB - Medium Flat Rate Box


LFRB - Large Flat Rate Box