Favorite Knits for Fall Sewing

Ahh fall. I absolutely love it. All of the colors, smells and flavors of my favorite season are in full effect in the Pacific Northwest this week, and I’m so excited! Fall is truly my favorite season, and I love the sewing projects that go along with it. That, and given that I'm FINALLY done with Halloween costume sewing, I'm anxious to do a little self-care sewing!

And with the shifting of the seasons comes the changing up of the fabrics I'm choosing lately. While before I was looking for fabrics with maximum breathability and lightness, I’m now a lot more focused on coziness and warmth, as well as fabrics that are thin enough for layering. My favorites fabrics for this are those like ribbed knits, as well as brushed and hacci sweater knits. Bring on the snuggly sweaters!

In addition to my fabric choices changing each fall, I also like to choose prints and solids with the new season in mind as well. While sometimes a pop of bright color is just what I need on a gloomy cold day, I tend to be more drawn towards earth-tones like rich rust and olive, as well as mustard, beige and even charcoal grey and navy blue. Plaids, florals and animal prints are excellent ways to mix these colors up, as well as pairing them with coordinating stripes, solids and other prints to get a cohesive look.

Another thing I try to take into consideration for fall sewing is texture. Fall is a perfect time to try out chunky, ribbed, and other textured knits that make a solid fabric even more interesting. Take, for instance, this beautiful variegated rib sweater knit in olive. Being a redhead, I’m a good friend to olive green, and this one is a stunner. The love the texture of the variegated ribbing, and the weight of the knit is perfect- it’s cozy and soft, yet light enough to wear on a warm afternoon or under a coat on a cool morning.

 I’ve used it here for an slouchy sweater and it’s perfect styled with jeans and boots, or leggings, a scarf and sneakers. And for me, that versatility is crucial when dressing for fall!


Plaid is also a fabulous choice for fall sewing. As soon as this diagonal hacci sweater knit popped up on SSE’s website, I knew I had to grab it! Hacci is one of my favorite fabrics to work with during the fall. It’s a super stretchy sweater knit, with a semi-closed weave that comes in many weights: light, medium, and heavy. It’s easy to sew, and fabulous choice for sweaters. This particular one is a medium weight, perfect for warmth, but thin enough to be easily layered.And even though this sweater is relatively fitted, the weave of the hacci is tight enough that nothing is see-through. Love it! 

This animal print is another hacci sweater knit that I just love, and it’s perfect for a semi-fitted sweater like this one. I love the warm tones of the print, and the black, beige and brown makes it easy to pair with either black slacks for a fancier look, or blue jeans for keeping it casual.

And just because it’s fall, doesn’t mean it has to be all greens and browns! I absolutely love this Blue Southwest brushed sweater knit that was recently stocked. The soft blue is gorgeous, and it’s so cozy and insanely soft. Brushed sweater knits are by far some of my favorites, and are perfect for fall sewing. They’re warm, incredible to wear, and can be used in all sorts of applications. I had originally planned to make a pair of lounge pants with this, but changed my mind at the last minute and made a hoodie. I’m so pleased with it!       


 These are only a selected few of my favorite knits for fall sewing, and there are truly an endless amount of other options to choose from, depending on your preferences. What are you planning to sew this fall?


Shannon Ayres Kilcourse

Shannon Ayres Kilcourse

Thanks Caitlin for helping me understand the differences in some these beautiful fabrics. I now have some ideas of what to make with my fall stash.

Frances Pepin

Frances Pepin

Thank you for sharing this. You have helped me see how I can use different fabrics for
casual tops and look good enough to use to dress up an outfit.

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