Feature Friday - Aaronica

This week we have the pleasure of interviewing and getting to know the lovely and talented Aaronica!

How long have you been sewing?

I've been sewing since I was 13 so...24 years!

What inspired you to start sewing?

My mom said I had busy hands and she wanted to busy them.  So she enrolled me in a weekly sewing class for a couple weeks.

What was your biggest sewing mistake?

I don't want to say how many yards of fabric I wasted as I tried to make leggings but it's an embarrassing amount.  I couldn't get the concept of 4-way versus 2-way stretch for some reason.

Current favorite pattern?

Hmmm...I don't think I have just one right now.  I'm really loving hacking patterns again.  Recently I hacked the Friday Patterns Wilder Gown to be a sweatshirt and I love it so much.

Current trend you love in fashion and want to copy?

I love love love knife-pleated fabrics that are being used for the midi A-line skirts.  I love those so much.

Favorite print from So Sew English?

The performance French Terry and Oakley fabrics are tied.  They are some of the highest quality fabrics ever.

Something that still challenges you.  

Buttons and buttonholes for sure.

A tip/trick you picked up/came up with.

Properly grading for my body.  When I first started sewing for myself, I would just choose a size closest to my body.  And then I started to grade my patterns.  And then I really started to use my measurements to create garments that are meant for my body.

Favorite fabric base and a fabric base you'd like to try more.

My favorite fabric base is French Terry right now.  It's so cozy.  I would like to try ITY some more.  I swore it off awhile ago and I'd like to make some more with it.

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