Me Made May week 2

One week down, how are you feeling so far?  Did you get all your tie dye makes posted?  Tie dye is such fun area that doesn't get as much love as it should.  We're absolutely loving the involvement from everyone and want you to keep it up!  Congratulations are in order for our winner of week one, Raegan Fierro.

For the second week of Me Made May we are going to be looking for Florals.  Do you love larger scale patterns?  Or are you more partial to smaller scattered prints? How do you express your love of florals?  We want to see all of your floral makes, big or small.  Do you prefer your florals to make a statement or maybe just as an accent piece?  Don't forget, to enter the challenge you'll need to:

1. Post to your Instagram

2. Remember to tag us @ssefabrics

3. Using the allocated hashtag for that weeks theme, #sseflorals, along with #memademay2020

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Is there any way to enter the contest other then on Instagram? Like on Facebook?

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