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Mesh can feel...confusing?  What do you really do with mesh?  How do you style it?  Well let me tell you, I am a total sucker for mesh.  It has become one of my favorite things to sew with.  It gives my garments a little 'extra' quality to them.  

The great thing about our mesh is that it's cool to the touch, stretchy and soft.  Like silky soft.  Like, 'I want to wrap myself up in it all summer' soft.  And with it being mesh you are going to have the sheerness, but not huge gaping holes in it.  One of the first things that came to mind when I was planning on sewing some up was a swim cover up.  

Let me tell you...I felt luxurious.  The kind of luxurious robe you see in old movies with Gene Harlow.  That silky quality to the mesh makes it so comfortable to wear, and it has just enough opaqueness to it that I felt comfortable walking through the hotel lobby with my swim suit on underneath it.  I added some fun tassel trim to the bottom of it to give it a sassy feel.

Mesh can creep its way into your everyday wardrobe too if you let it.  Mesh can be added as an accent piece, maybe just the shoulders, maybe some peekaboo highlights, or maybe do the whole back in it!  Even swimwear feels a little more elevated with mesh accents.

One of my favorite things to see and do is to utilize mesh for the entire garment. You can layer underneath it or use a lining.  It feels perfect in the summer, nice and breezy.  ( But don't forget you can still get sunburned wearing mesh...maybe from personal experience...)  

Don't let mesh scare you.  It's another world of knits that's just waiting for you to dive into!  One way to make sewing mesh easier is to use some wash away wonder tape in the beginning of the seams when you start sewing.  It helps start it, but tends to not have any problems continuing the seam.  One of my favorite ways to hem mesh is using a rolled hem, but that's something you can play with and test out your favorite hem.  

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