Sometimes a standard sewing machine is all you're looking for.  What's going to give you the most options?  Do you want a zipper foot?  Maybe a buttonhole option?  No matter the budget, preferences, and availability, there's something out there for everyone!  Here's some of our admin's sewing machine's and what they love about them.

Barbie -  Brother Embroidery & Sewing LB-6800

My sewing machine is the Brother Embroidery & Sewing LB-6800 project runway limited edition. I got this machine because it had the option for embroidery. I never thought I would expand my hobby of embroidery so I figure instead of getting two machines why not get one that can do both? I absolutely love this machine! Other than the embroidery option, it has so many awesome features. One thing I absolutely love about this machine is that you don’t need the foot pedal to sew. My kids can easily use this machine (on the slowest speed for safety and me by their side) without worrying about reaching the pedal from my table. This machine started me off in this sewing journey and I just am so happy with what I’ve been able to make with it!

Cynthia - Brother SE625

My regular machine is a combo sewing & embroidery machine. I purchased it for conveniences it offered in a solid machine under $400. I have arthritis and the automatic needle threader, variable speed control, and the start/stop button for pedal-free sewing have all been very helpful.  Since I primarily sew with knit fabrics, having the additional stretch stitches it offers makes it very easy to sew things such as stretchy bindings and add decorative topstitching with a single or twin needle. It has been perfect for all of my general sewing needs and I love having the option of the small embroidery hoop to begin learning to use it to embellish my handmade garments!

Heidi -  Singer Signature

I have a Singer sewing machine that was gifted to me years ago. It was a completely unexpected gift and such a sweet gesture. I certainly wouldn’t have grown as quickly in my sewing journey without it. My machine is a Singer Signature and my favorite feature is the automatic twin needle setting. Finding twin needle tension can be difficult, but the automatic setting takes the guesswork out of it, for perfect stitches every time.

Alyssa - Babylock Sophia2

This was the first machine I bought myself.  It definitely had a learning curve to it since it is basically a computer.  It has an automatic touch screen on it instead of knobs.  It came with lots of foot options as well, including a buttonhole foot.  And it has a TON of stitches.  It has a helpful threading lever that makes threading that needle a breeze.  I also really love the speed option on it, I can set the speed so that no matter ow hard I push down on the foot it won't go fast.  There's also the option to not use the pedal at all, I can choose to start and stop it with a button if I want, which came in very handy when I had my machine on a tall table and couldn't reach the foot pedal.  It also has an automatic cutter on it that snips the threads for me.  And on top of all that, it's also an embroidery machine!  It comes with a hoop and tons of already preset stitches with the option to buy more.  It really is a great sewing machine that will last for the long run.

Sewing machine

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