So...Is Swim Fabric Only for Swimming?

If you're a part of our Facegroup group, you'll have noticed lately that there are some AMAZING Mystery Swim Bundles, now available! These mystery packs are full of amazing cuts of designer swim fabric, and are at incredible prices. But it begs the question, what is swim fabric, and what can you make with it (besides swimwear!)? 

What is Swim Fabric:

Swim fabric is a super versatile and easy-to-sew fabric, perfect for so many applications other than just swimwear. Swim fabrics are most commonly made with a combination of nylon and spandex, and have excellent stretch and recovery. They generally have wonderful drape, with a cool and fluid hand. Swim fabric makes amazing undergarments, tees (especially for warm weather!), sports bras, shorts, and even dresses! The sky is truly the limit with this amazing fabric. 

Sewing with Swim:

Sewing with swim fabric is a breeze, and doesn't require any special equipment besides a stretch or ballpoint needle and a sewing machine. I personally love sewing swim fabric with my serger, as I do with any knit, because of the great stretch it provides to garments sewn with it. 

Swim Fabric Care:

You can wash and dry swim fabric just like any other knit that has spandex in it- we generally recommend washing on warm and tumbling dry. 

What Can You Make With Swim?

Well, as the name suggests, swim fabric is what one would use when sewing swimwear, but there is SO much more that can be done with it!

I absolutely love the compression qualities that the high percentage of swim fabric has, so I made myself a set of undergarments made specifically to feel extra "smooth" under dresses and tight-fitting tops. Because swim fabric does not roll, like cotton lycras and brushed polysters often will, it makes the best no-show underwear! Here's a set that I made, along with a self-bra tank to wear under dresses this summer. Even better- the tank can be worn on it's own for a cute look that resembles a trendy body suit! 


Speaking of bodysuits, Erika made the most beautiful bodysuit using some of our ribbed swim knit, and she looks absolutely stunning in it. It's such a trendy and flattering look! 

Swim fabric doesn't just have to be for bodysuits, or even tight-fitting clothing. The drape of swim fabric is absolutely lovely-akin to the drape of ITY- and is perfect for so many different applications. Amanda used some of our swim short cuts to make a few amazing Phoenix tanks! These tanks are perfect for hot weather, as the nylon spandex in the swim fabric doesn't absorb moisture, and the hand is very cool to the touch. 

With this Phoenix tank, Amanda hacked it to feature a halter neckline. The cute halter detail and the amazing swim fabric makes this top perfect for summertime. 


Elda used swim short cuts to make a ton of boxer shorts, and they are an amazing example of the versatility of swim fabric. Paired with wide waistband elastic, these would be so comfortable on hot summer days. And, as an added bonus, super easy to sew up as well! 

Swim fabric also makes excellent and comfortable shorts for hot weather. Amanda made these darling Chelsea Joggers in short length using swim fabric, and they look so cozy! We love how vibrant prints appear on swim fabric as well. 


It maybe goes without saying, but swim fabric makes amazing athletic wear too! The moisture-wicking properties of swim fabric make it perfect for working out.  Here Bonnie has made an awesome sports bra and shorts out of swim, and the whole set looks amazing! 



Swim fabric is such a fun and versatile fabric that is perfect for so many things besides swimwear! Be sure to take advantage of the amazing Mystery Swim Bundles for sale now at So Sew English- we can't wait to see what you make with them!









Thanks so much for this post! Great ideas to help me use some fabulous SSE material!



This is a great post! I’ve never sewn with swim fabric, I don’t swim haha. But now I see I can use this fabric for other things. Can I ask the pattern for the red tank? Thank you!

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