SSE Testers Talk: The Del Mar Dolman

We're passionate about our patterns here at SSE, and want to share with you all the things we love about them! And what better way than to let our pattern testers share about their experiences with the patterns, what they like about them, and the great versions they sewed up?

This week, we're talking all thing Del Mar Dolman. Stay tuned in further weeks for more patterns and tester talk! 

-Mickenzie Watts-

This pattern was the first pattern from SSE that I ever got. To make it a bonus it was a prize! I have made a few of these tops and I really can’t get over how simple it is. I also love how many options come included with the pattern. Combining the different cowl/hood options with the different bands makes this something that will stay trendy for a long time.

-Lisa Chillik Bare-

The Del Mar Dolman is such a great pattern for a mommy and me set! I’m a big fan of this pattern - I love having so many style options to choose from. It makes customizing an outfit so easy. And the drop shoulder makes adding sleeves such a breeze. 

I used charcoal faux quilted performance fabric for the adult version. Shirt length, banded hem, long sleeves, and a hood. I sized up for a little extra room. I love the diamond pattern of the fabric. 

For my daughter’s Del Mar (kid’s pattern) I made a cropped version with a hood, long sleeves and a hem band. The galaxy print is DBP and the striped print is bamboo. This was a fabric bundle purchase and my daughter LOVES it.

-Tricia Nguyen-

This was my 1st Del Mar and it is perfect in this stripe Hacci knit from a bundle, so soft! I love the relaxed fit of the Del Mar,  just the right amount without it being to oversized. Such a great layering piece also for our current cold spring mornings.

-Beca Lira Luty-

While the pattern already includes tons of different options, I had a vision in my head and I knew this was the perfect pattern to make it come to life!

To make this peplum version, here’s what I did:

  • cut out front and back at crop length
  • cut on the Demi-cowl neckline
  • cut a neckband 1.5” x 85% of the neck hole length
  • cut 2 pieces 7” x (1.5* width of the front); I chose 7” based on my preference of final length. Don’t forget to add in seam allowance and hem for this measurement!
  • gathered both pieces to fit the front and back
  • attached and hemmed the gathered pieces 
  • completed the rest of the steps according to the instructions!

-Cathryn Larkin-

This week I decided to use the Del Mar Pattern- to make a woven fabric version! The pattern is drafted for knits, so to ensure I’d have plenty of ease and a nice oversized look, I chose to cut my fabric 3 sizes larger than what I measure, using this feather-light silky woven. 

I only needed the front and back bodice pieces, cutting on the cropped length line. 

Following the pattern directions, sew the shoulders and side seams together, finishing the seams (I used a serger). Then I finished off all the raw edges of the neckline, sleeve edge and bottom. Turn those edges under 1/4 inch and stitch. Follow with a hood press and you’re ready to go! Easy Peezy!

-Anna Bauman- 

With this in-between weather where it's cold in the morning but warms up as the sun beats down, I realized my wardrobe is lacking in plain and simple tees. I'm all full of cozy sweaters (thanks Alaskan winters haha!) but needed some easy layering staples. The Del Mar Dolman is perfect for my needs! Sewed this top up super quick last night after a warm and sunny day - just in time for a chill overcast kind of day today, so I layered it with my fave Sonia Estep Designs Danielle Cozy Cardi and paired it with Patterns for Pirates flare-hacked Peg Leg leggings.

I made the demi cowl option with banded sleeves and hem. I love that the DelMar has many other options too because that means I can easily sew up a variety of not-so-basic, basic tees and tops. The fit is cozy and comfortable while also being stylish and classic. Can't go wrong with it!

-Rachael Brown-

This pattern is an absolute staple in my wardrobe because of a few things. 

 -I love drop shoulder style sleeves. Not only comfortable, but flattering on a lot of different body shapes AND they can be styled a lot of ways. 

 -The different hem lengths *and* different hem finishing styles can create something cropped and sporty (like with the pictured example), or something like a tunic blouse too!

 -I love the inclusive sizing AND that there’s a kids pattern as well! 

I did the cropped drawstring version for this one, out of Polartec. It’ll be perfect for when I’m hiking, biking, or just wanna look sporty. 

That's a wrap for our Tester Talk about the Del Mar Dolman Pattern! Stay tuned for next week, when our amazing team shares about the Chelsea Joggers! 

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