SSE Testers Talk: The Sulky Tee Pattern

There's such thing as a great tee, but then there's a perfect tee! We love this pattern so much, we had to name it the Sulky Perfect Tee because it's, well,  perfect! 

 The Sulky Tee is a shirt pattern that has a comfortable ease, but is not baggy. It has inset sleeves with options for short, 3/4, and long sleeves; and neckline options for a crew, square-scoop, or V neck. Choose from a straight hem or a curved hem, with an option for a cute tie at the front hip. There's also an option for three different styles of pocket: square, round bottom, or V bottom.

Let's hear from some of the testers this amazing pattern to see why they love the Sulky Tee, and how they made theirs: 

June Sewist

The Adult Sulky Perfect Tee is a fairly quick sew. It has set-in sleeves with several lengths to choose from and two different hemlines, straight and curved. A bonus is that you can use the sleeves from the Adult Florence on Sulky and vice versa.

I like the curved hem because I think it makes me look slimmer. I used the “Sewing Quotes” Double Brushed Polyester. This fabric was a dream to sew with! I had some scraps of white bullet and used those for the short sleeves. I made a couple of personal adjustments like adding 2 inches to the length for my long upper body and lengthened the sleeves by 1 inch. 

Sulky is cute as well as comfy.

Sherrie Broussard

Oh now I am in love with the Sulky Tee!  I have made a couple in the past, but I decided to sweeten it up a bit and I hacked the flutter sleeves from the Florence dress and look how adorable this turned out!

The sulky tee already has sleeve length options, hem options, the tie option, and three pocket options. The best thing is the sizes range from XXS- 10X.

I bought this fabric in a bundle. Don’t forget to get the Sulky Tee pattern and the Florence dress pattern together!

Daisy Buitrago

My 1st Sulky Tee and its a great fit! I don't generally wear tees so I made mine with cotton french terry to change it up a little, giving it a slightly boxier shape. I made the scoop neck with curved hem then appliqued a "heart on my sleeve" since I really do wear mine for all to see lol!!

The pattern has multiple sleeve lengths and neckline options, so you can have multiple looks from one  pattern.

Tricia Nguyen

The Sulky tee is a great comfy tee pattern! How cute is the tie front?! I love the fact that you can make an everyday basic tee or dress it up a little with the tie hem. The solid grey is a modal and the tie front is a Rayon Spandex ready cut that I had remaining from a dress I made 2 years ago. I did not make any modifications but in the future I will lengthen the straight hem a little.

Anna Bauman

I sewed up an Adult Sulky for myself last night so that I could be matchy-matchy with my daughter. I opted to make a straight size small (though some of my measurements put me in between a small and medium) It's so cozy! Perfect casual tee for sure

I managed to squeeze this out of 1yd too with some pattern tetris! Pretty sure these charcoal dots were from one of my first ever SSE orders a few years ago. Worth the wait to turn them into the Sulky!

Danielle Garcia Bills

This is my first time using the Sulky tee for me and my daughter. I was drawn to this pattern because 1. We love to twin and 2. I felt like it capture our styles perfectly. 

I’m all for a great solid tee and she likes hers dressed up a bit more. Seeing how cute hers is, I think I need to try the side tie for myself! This is a pattern I will use year round. I can’t wait to try my hand at the front pocket as well. I chose to pair this pattern with Gauze fabric.

Cathryn Larkin

My first Sulky! What a lovely basic tee! 

When I made my Chelsea shorts, I knew this had to happen!

Mine is the high neck, 3/4 sleeve options. I made a couple 3 hacks to match my shorts, and just for fun. 

  1. Overlapped my neckband- cut the neckband longer 1/2”. Overlap in the center front, with the fold points 1/4” from neck seam. Stitch as usual. 

2  Open side vents: make a 1/4” notch halfway down the side seams and stitch sides only to the notch. Press the remainder of the seams open 1/2” wide and topstitch. 

  1. Drawstring bottom- make 2 ties as per the Chelsea drawstring instructions, as long as you like. Mine are 52” each. Press shirt hem under 1” and topstitch, then thread your drawstrings through each of the openings using a safety pin or bodkin. Tie a knot in each of the 4 ends and trim, then tie your side bows. Optional- tack drawstring in the center front and back to prevent pulling through and to keep centered. 

That’s it! Copy me and tag me when you do!


Janet Zucchero Smith

How many ways do I love the Sulky Tee pattern?  Well, here are three ways.  This is so fun to play with and hack.

-My first one in the bicycle print FT is the first option.  I added cuffs to it so I could have more of the hot pink accent.  

-I did the second one from floral dbp.  I added a stretch lace insert to the top front and back.  Then I also added the flutter sleeves from the Florence Dress pattern (these two patterns have interchangeable sleeves).  A little more dressy look.

-The third is my fave.  This ombre cheetah dbp along with the hearts dbp are from the same bundle.  This is the option with the tie front.  However, I made the short sleeves a couple inches longer and added a flounce to each of them!

You should get this versatile pattern and see what you can come up with!  People will never realize they are from the same pattern.

And that's a wrap for our Testers Talk about the wonderful Sulky Tee Pattern! Be sure to meet us here next week for our next Testers Talk, this time about the Rio Raglan!

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I’m confused on the tie on the sulky tee. I have 2 fronts which have the tie and 2 backs. Not sure how it ALL works? Seems like too much fabric.. The tutorial isn’t helping me.
Thanks Sue

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