SSE Testers Talk: The Vegas Shirt Pattern!

There’s just something really special about the Vegas Shirt Pattern! It is a tank pattern that is fitted through the bust, waist, and hip. We love its flirty double flounce that comes together for a soft V neck. This amazing pattern works great with Double Brushed Poly, Bamboo, Modal, Rayon Spandex, ITY, Cotton Modal, or knit fabrics with similar drape and stretch properties. Want to hear more about the Vegas Pattern? Read to find out why our testers love it just like we do!


Tricia Nguyen

I love top patterns with extra details like the flounce on the Vegas Shirt. I think the double brushed poly I used also added so much to the overall look.This top is great for adding a little flair to your summer outfits!


Nikki Ghezzi

I love a simple dress pattern with clean lines, but I also want it to have a little something extra. So when I saw the Vegas pattern, I knew it needed to be a dress! Putting the top portion of the shirt onto an existing dress pattern (that I knew fit me because I had made it before!) made it so easy to hack this cute, one-of-a-kind summer look. I only used one flounce just to change it up a little. If you need a dress that will impress, I definitely recommend using the Vegas as a starting point.


Lisa Bare

As soon as I saw the line drawings for the Vegas shirt I knew I had to make one. I had a similar RTW shirt from many years ago that I loved.  I was giddy about being able to make something even better! And here it is.

The deep v-neckline is quite flattering and the double ruffle is so fun! You could always leave off the top ruffle layer for a slightly different look. Or turn it into a dress like Rachael recently did.

The construction wasn’t too tricky but there was one part I had to really think about and redo. My second Vegas shirt will go together faster.

For fabric I used a sunflower print DBP. I purchased it in a bundle and I swear I like clothing item I’ve seen made using it. I think this top would also look cute with white linen pants or a skirt. This print is currently in stock on a couple of fabric bases.


Rachael Brown

I’ve had this Vegas dress idea in my head for ages, and I’m stoked to finally share it with y’all! It’s so sweet in this floral jersey. I decided to only do the top ruffle just out of curiosity, and I really like it!

For the skirt- I used the single tier Florence skirt measurements, and I shortened the Vegas bodice to end at where my natural waist is. I calculated this by measuring my side waist and then applying that measurement to the Vegas pattern pieces.

This pattern is so flirty and fun! I absolutely love the ruffled V neck and flounces.


And that’s a wrap for our SSE Testers Talk: Vegas Shirt! We hope you love it as much as we do!

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Winona Mixen

Winona Mixen

I love the different variations of this pattern. I would love to be a tester as well.

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