Summertime, and the sewing is easy
It is warming up outside and that means a shift in closets and sewing!  It’s time to show those shoulders and get those legs out of hibernation.  Sewing for warmer weather may feel like you have to cut out some of your favorite fabrics, but there are fantastic ways to keep them in your wardrobe for when the sun decides to shine.  
 Last week Cynthia talked all about some of the more distinct choices you think of for warm weather.  If you haven't checked out her blog you should! 
These all have the great breathability and weight for the summer.  But what about those fabric you don’t readily think about?  French terry, double brushed poly / single brushed poly, and hacci.  At a glance they all feel like they are trying to intrude on the wrong season, but there’s no reason that just cause the snow left these fabrics have to as well.
French terry may scream hoodies to you, but in reality french terry is a nice staple to a summer wardrobe.  French terry has a nice airy quality to it that in winter makes excellent layering pieces, but that characteristic carries over into summer.  Tank tops and T-shirt dresses feel breezy.  And my personal favorite is french terry shorts.  Comfortable enough to feel like pajamas, but look presentable enough to wear in public.  That’s a win/win in my world.
Double brushed poly and single brushed poly is incredibly versatile, you can use it for bands, cuffs, shirts, skirts, shorts, you name it!  Some may feel that it doesn’t breath as much as they would like, but it’s all in what you make with it.  When it’s 100 degrees outside, I’m pretty much sweating with any clothing on, so it’s all in what style we are wearing.  Start with something very breathable and airy, like a loose fitting tank top, you can always work your way into other things.  All depending on your comfort level, double brushed poly can be a great staple you use all year for yourself.
Now, you may have been skeptical when I said hacci.  I know, I know, that’s a sweater knit.  Weren’t we just talking about WARM weather??  Yes, you didn’t trail off into the twilight zone or another blog.  We’re going to talk about hacci in warmer weather.  Hacci doesn’t have to totally exiled to the back of the sewing closet just cause the weather got warm.  Hacci is wonderful for those chilly summer nights where you need just a little something to layer.  Hacci can run in all different weights, a nice light sweater knit can be fantastic for summer for when it gets a little cooler in the evenings or even if you live somewhere where the elevation is higher (hello mountain trips!).  Layers are your friend.  It’s always nice to have the options during the day. 
Warm weather may mean putting away all of your wintertime fun, but it doesn’t mean your fabric has to go anywhere!
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