RAYON SPANDEX Rayon is broad category of semi-synthetic viscose fibers. There are different types of rayon and they depend on the type of plant it is made from.

RAYON is mainly made from wood pulp.
MODAL is made from beech tree fibers.
BAMBOO is made from bamboo plants.
Modal and bamboo feel slightly more “luxurious” than typical rayon spandex. They don’t pill as easily with wash and wear like typical rayon spandex does (its just the nature of the fabric- see care instructions at the end to see how to prolong its life). These have gorgeous drape, great stretch, but recovery depends on the type- normal rayon spandex doesn’t have great recovery, modal and bamboo have good recovery but are not suitable for fitted clothing like leggings.
What you can make: Flowy tops, skirts, and dresses.

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