ITY (stands for Interlock Twist Yarn) is a beautiful, drapey knit. It feels slinky, cool to the touch, and is referred to as a “dressy” knit. It has beautiful drape, stretch, and recovery. There are a few types of ITY.

-Venezia ITY: Has a wonderful silky “slinky” feel to it. Is slightly heavier than Bulgaree ITY.
-Bulgaree ITY - On the right side, you will see lines running through the pattern. Not to fret, those are supposed to be there. Bulgaree has all the same lovely attributes as the other ITY’s, but can be slightly opaque, so you may want to line this or wear the correct undergarments that won’t be seen.
-ITYP - The P stands for Puff. It will have slightly raised designs to it giving it an interesting hand to the fabric.
What you can make: Dresses, skirts, and flowy tops

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