10 Scrap Busters

We all have the same thing in all our sewing rooms.  Sometimes it's under our sewing table, sometimes it's in the corner, but there it is, just waiting for us.  It's all of our scraps.  We all are guilty of it, hanging onto scraps for ages and ages and ages, just waiting for us to either throw them out or put them to use.  Today we're going to highlight some of our favorite uses for all those scraps.

Key Fob

I love when I can make something that is not only useful, but also a scrap buster.  These key fobs not only help me keep track of my keys, but are crazy beautiful.  We had the opportunity for Christy Headings to run a sew-a-long, walking us through each step to making them!


Kid Leggings

Depending on what size you are doing, kids leggings are a great way to use up leftover pieces.  They are so quick and easy.  It's hard to find any of the kids in our lives who don't love a great pair of leggings.   And I love the fact that I can use a different scrap of fabric for the waistband (no one will see it under their shirt), thus using up even more of my scraps in the process!


I am in love with the idea of making socks.  I am guilty of wearing socks all day all around my house cause my feet are always cold.  This is a great way to use up leftover pieces, and they an match your outfits!  We talk all about making socks in our sew-a-long, they make great gifts too!


I love headbands, i can make baby headbands, kid headbands, adult size headbands.  I can use all sorts of fabric bases to give it a different look.  My favorite is making some from leftover performance so I have great workout head bands that stay in place nicely.


You may think scrunchies are a thing of the past, but they aren't going anywhere.  Not only do scrunchies not damage your hair as much as regular hair ties, but they can be an accessory with your outfit!  They require so little, and I love that the direction of my fabric doesn't matter, so I can truly use up every last bit of scraps with them.  Knit and woven can work for these busters.  Beth Doglady has made some absolutely adorable ones!


Got a book lover in your life?  Maybe a kiddo who is just discovering their love of reading?  Or just need a great stocking stuffer?  Colorful bookmarks are a fun and different way to use up your scrap resources.  It isn't something you wear, but something you would use quit often.

Infinity Scarf

These may be some of the fastest projects I've ever done.  They are quick and easy, but also incredibly useful and look great!  These make awesome gifts at Christmas or as teacher gifts.  You can customize them to be their favorite colors, or you can give them some neutrals that go with everything.


These little bags are the CUTEST. I absolutely love using them as a to go makeup clutch for when I'm going out.  Christy Headings ran a sew-a-long for us taking us through the steps of these amazing bags, making them attainable for everyone.


I'll be honest, this one blew my mind the first time I saw it.  I was totally tickled to see Melissa Faith take her scraps and make a tie from them.  It was something that I would have never thought of to do, but wow, I HAVE to try it now.  A tie is great from little kids, all the way up to adults.  How absolutely adorable would you be going to an event in a matching dress and tie??


This is my holy grail of scrap busters.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, could use an extra pair of underwear.  Kids, adults, no one is exempt from it.  You can make them strictly functional or even a little sassy all with your fabric choices.  And sewing up a pair takes such a little amount of fabric!

What is your favorite scrap buster?  Was there one from our list you're excited to try out for yourself? Let us know!

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