Appliqué and Lace

I went to the store the other day and got distracted by the clothing department (I mean, who doesn't?).  I love drawing inspiration from them, but something I kept noticing was all the appliqués and lace that was intermingled in all the garments.  It made me start thinking, what are some ways to use appliqués and lace to elevate our sewing?

Appliqué's are a fantastic accent piece.  They give a little more dimension to a garment.  The first thing that pops into my mind is doing it along the back.  Giving it a little pop of interest.  You can leave the fabric underneath it, or take some time and cut out that fabric on the back giving it a little peek-a-boo.

Another way to look at using appliqués is to put them on the front.  Obviously you'll have to take into consideration how much you take away from underneath (if you want to!).  You can also use it as just a little pop of interest on a sleeve or strap!

Lace can be such a fun accent too!  Lace can take something from a basic staple, to something that feels a little elevated.  Use it as an accent like sleeves or as the entire garment!  You could even color block with it and to give your outfit some dimension.  

Lace and appliqués are fantastic little accessories to heighten your sewing.  It can make it feel fancier with all the comfort still, or just another great basic for every day!  What's your favorite appliqué you have used?


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