12 Gifts of Giving

Picture it now, it's peaceful and serene.  The lights are up, the snow may be falling. Gifts are all wrapped and ready to go.  All is calm and all is bright, that is until you realize you are missing a gift.  You forgot someone.  Maybe a teacher, a cousin, or your own kids.  No worries though, you've got this covered.  We have a Sew-A-Long group that you can take lots of inspiration from.  We have done a few gift giving sew-a-longs, here are some of the 'fan-favorites' you can choose from to get all your last minute gifts in order!  You can find links to all the patterns and video's we used in our Sew-A-Long group.

Infinity Scarf


Infinity scarves are SO easy.  I was pleasantly surprised with how fast and easy they are.  I can use one fabric, and only have one seam down the side, or two fabrics and have two seams down the sides.  Infinity scarves have varying degrees of coziness to depending on what fabric you want to use.  Super plush makes a nice thick scarf.  French terry and hacci will be a little less thick on your neck and lay a little more flush with your skin.



One thing my mom always use to do for the holidays was give us nice cosy socks.  You may think, "who wants socks as a gift?"  But really, who doesn't love comfy cozy socks?  One of my daily routine's is to come inside my house and immediately put on some cozy socks.  Socks depending on the thickness and work you want them to do, could be made from all sorts of fabrics.  Double brushed poly has a great stretch but has a thickness that's great for every day socks.  Some of our velvet plush would make fantastic thick 'home socks' to spend your evenings in.


 Anyone else have chronically cold hands?  It could be blazing hot and my hands are still cold.  So in wintertime, my hands have no hope of not being ice cubes.  Mittens are a fantastic accessory that you can use scraps for.  Line them with plush and use your fun prints to give them flair!  


 Did I mention I get cold?  A beanie is a great way to use up some of those leftover pieces of fabric to create a fun and comfy accessory, that also keeps you warm.  They work for everyone, young and old.  There's also some fantastic patterns out there that make them reversible!  Two hats, for the effort of one.  That is a win for me.


Those sweet little stockings, they are a staple of any mantle.  You can make some to match someone's personality or even their home decorations.  All of these are great scrap busters.  Most patterns you can use either knit or woven for them, which makes them even easier to make!  You can keep them simple or try out some embroidery on them.


Who knew scrunchies would make a comeback?  But comeback they have.  And thank goodness, they are crazy easy to make.  These are fantastic stocking stuffers, and you can turn out a ton at a time.  If you've made them a shirt and have some fabric leftover?  Make some scrunchies to match!  Or just travel through your scrap bin and make a ton of scrunchies out of all sorts of different fabrics.  Velvet, double brushed poly, french terry, even wovens.  


These little guys are the absolute CUTEST.  Our lovely admin Barbie did a fun sew-a-long for them and they were a hit!  These are so sweet to make as ornaments, to sit on a bookshelf, or decorate around your house.  They are completely customizable and easy to tweak to change the sizes.   

Kid's Leggings

Have a little one in your life you need to make something for?  Leggings are my go too.  Most little kids don't love regular pants.  But leggings?  I have to pry those off of them with a death grip.  Depending on the size you make, they don't take up a lot of fabric either.  They are quick, easy and most patterns are free!  Double brushed poly is my favorite for leggings, but you can also use cotton spandex or even ponte to make them.  

Boot Cuffs

These give your outfits a little added flair. Boot cuffs are a quick easy pop of color or contrast.  Just like scrunchies, these would be great to make with leftover fabric you used for a shirt.  They could wear them together or separately.  You're easily getting 2-3 gifts just from using the leftover scraps!

Baby Bandana

Where were these when my kids were little?  These are super adorable and a little more trendy than a traditional bib.  They don't require a lot of fabric, and again you can make them match!  Depending on the level of absorbency you'd like, you can use all sorts of fabrics for these.

Coffee Cozy

This is a fun option that would be great for adults and teenagers who love to stop by the coffee shop.  You can customize these by making it double sided, give it a pocket for a gift card, even throw on a button and elastic so they can use whatever size cup they like! 

Messy Bun Hat

These are becoming more and more popular lately.  And they are a real hit with any tweens and teens you may need to sew for.  Need to keep your ears warms while keeping that messy bun/pony tale in perfect position.  These are my favorite when used with some brushed sweater knit, french terry, or you could even do some plush on the inside of it.  

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