It's Beginning to Look a lot like More Sewing

It's official, I can fully embrace the holidays.

Nothing brings on sewing in full force like the holidays.  Either sewing for ourselves, that new perfect outfit for dinner with family and friends.  Or sewing up lots and lots of gifts to share with those we love.  Here are some fun and festive ideas to use all our holiday prints for all your holiday needs.


We're starting out with my ultimate favorite thing.  New pajamas, especially fun cheery ones.  Something I started doing for my kids every year was making them a new set of pjs.  Over the years that grew into making some for them, and my niece. Then it grew into making them for my kids, my niece, myself and now my mom is in on it!  There isn't a grinch among us who doesn't love a good pair of pjs.  And depending on your age and preference, all sorts of fabrics could work for sleeping and lounging.  Some of our favorites would be french terry, modal blends, bamboo, double brushed poly, thermal, even a light sweater knit!  


Gifts come in all shapes and sizes.  No matter who you have in your life, a handmade item always spreads that holiday cheer.  Something about putting time and effort into creating something for someone else brings a smile to my face and joy in my heart.  Sewing hair bows and hats for cute little heads.  Scarves and socks for people we love.  Clothing or trinkets for people who have helped us the most.  And we have some other great quick and fast options in our sew-a-long group, featured as our 12 days of holiday gifting!

 General Merriment 

These are the items that you wear to all the parties.  All the early morning present openings.  The fancy performances you get to view.  I love having a reason to get dressed up.  In my every day life I don't get that opportunity very often, so the holidays are the perfect time to take advantage of all the events.  Dresses, tops, even jackets!  This time of year just screams for all the velvet!   And don't think that those novelty prints are just for pjs, they make fantastic dresses and tops too.  Have a kid who is need of a spirit week shirt?  You got this in the bag.  And who isn't in love with a great holiday sweater??  Young or old, something cozy and handmade always is the best to give and receive.  Maybe you need some new holiday decorations around the house?  A handmade gnome or stocking should do just the trick to tie in all the tidings and good cheer.  The time and effort we put into sewing, the attention to detail in our stitching, it encompasses all of our love and appreciation.  Sewing transcends just fabric, it is our expression for when words aren't enough.  



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