Battle of the Plushes

Have you stepped outside lately?  It's cold.  But I also may be saying that because it's snowing today.  But no matter how prepared I think I am, the cold always surprises me.  I'm never ready for it and then I'm racing to sew for it.  SSE has some super fabulous fabrics that are just right for these cold seasons.  We're going to talk about them today!

Super Plush

The original.  The one that started it all.  Our super plush was specially designed for us, that means you won't be able to find it anywhere else.  So let's talk about some of the qualities of super plush and why it's so fantastic.  This baby is thick, I mean THICK.  We can only get one yard of it in a PFRE.  The contents of the plush is going to be a 50/50 of cotton and polyester.  The cotton content in it is going to give you lots of great breathability.  It can be worn to help keep you cozy in those freezing temperatures, but also doesn't feel too stifling on those days that are just breezy.  Super plush is going to have a smooth/flat side and a fuzzy low pile side.  This gives you options on your solid plush, which side you would like to be the 'right' and 'wrong' side.  On our printed super plush, the print is always going to be on the flat smooth side.  Maybe you want the fuzzy touching your skin.  Maybe you want that super cozy plush on the outside as an accent piece.  It really is up to you and which look you are hoping to achieve.  With a 70% horizontal stretch and 30% vertical stretch you can make your new favorite hoodie, joggers, or even leggings!  Going up a size is recommended in leggings for the first time until you figure out how you like your plush leggings to fit.  Remember, pre-washing is a must with this as it has cotton in it.  The cotton could make it shrink a little after the first wash.  And no worries, this can go in the dryer no problem.  We like to tumble dry, but could also go on low temperatures just to be safe.


Velvet Plush

Velvet plush is the new kid in town.  It's just as fabulous as super plush, but with some different qualities you'll want to get in on.  The most noticeable difference is going to be that velvet plush is fuzzy (or dare I say plushy) on both sides on the fabric.  So no matter which way you put it, you get the extra cozy on your skin and everyone around you will get the chance to pet you (but remember boundaries guys)!  Velvet plush is going to have a different fabric content as well, being made from a 90/10 poly/spandex blend.  This one is also giving us more horizontal stretch coming in at 80% horizontal and 20% vertical.  Velvet plush is also a tad bit thinner than super plush, but still only one yard can fit in a PFRE.  But don't let that make you think it's any less cozy.  Being a tad thinner means multiple layers of velvet plush go a little easier through in my machine than multiple layers of super plush does.  And, one of the best things about it?  It also was developed just for SSE!  We have loads of solids to keep all your cozy dreams coming true as the temperature drops!

Here's some comparative photos for you.  Super plush compared to some of our other fabrics give you an idea of how thick it is.  

Now to give you a picture of velvet plush (on the left) compared to super plush (on the right).

Have you tried super plush and velvet plush yet?  Snag some before they sell out!

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