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It's that time again, time to talk about our admin's latest challenge!  We decided to go with a 4th of July theme!  No, no, don't worry, you don't have your dates wrong.  It really is only June.  But if you're like me, you need the time to prepare and plan to get anything done on time.  So we decided to do it early, giving everyone a head start on the festivities.

Unlike our last challenge we didn't confine ourselves to just two fabrics, we decided to open it up (but also limit it) to patriotic fabrics.  We all put our creativity to the test and came up with some fantastic pieces! 


Using some of our stars and stripes modal she made the most adorable two piece outfit!  It perfectly shows that gorgeous drape that modal has. 


We are loving this casual take on a basic tee, but using some of our vertical PRS stripes to make it feel a little different!


Here's some more of our stars and stripe modal.  This sassy dress is perfect as the temperatures rise and you need something that keeps you cool, but still looking absolutely adorable.


She decided to make her little girl an adorable breezy dress from some of these french terry rockets pops.  And check out that peek of stripes she accented it with! 


Beating the heat in this rayon spandex star top is what we are living for!  It's so simple but a fantastic stand alone piece or even as a base piece for layering.


The star spangled dbp was a fun way of doing a more subtle patriotic challenge.  Great for everyday, but also letting the keen music eye see your patriotic heart fly.


We are loving the colors of this Julie DBP, it's so bright and summery.  Cynthia even makes an awesome point saying it reminded her of her favorite summer popsicle she had as a kid.


Here's another take with some of the stars and stripes modal.  We are really crushing on how gorgeous it lays and how stunning Tara looks in it! 

This was just a little taste of all there is to create this upcoming holiday and summer.  What are some of your favorite patriotic concoctions?  Hopefully you feel inspired to tackle those red, white, and blue projects laying next to your sewing machine!


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