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Father's Day is coming up on June 16th.  Father's Day can stir up a lot of emotions for people.  Father's in our lives can be represented in different ways.  We have fathers, father's to our children, grandpas, dad's who have lost, step dads, fur dads, foster dads, adoptive dads, brothers/uncles/friends who have stepped up in our lives to take over as dad, and celebrating the men who have passed on from us.  We are celebrating!  

One of the simple joys in my life is seeing the joy on my kids faces when they realize they get to match their dad.  There's just something so undeniably cute about it.  Doing "Daddy and Me" is such a fun way for us to remind the dads in our lives that we appreciate what they do too.  Some of my favorite examples are from some of our customers.  Emma Menesini has these adorable makes.  

Rachel Dawn made some very adorable "Daddy and Me" joggers and rompers!  It's such a fantastic way to make the most of your fabric too!

Our admin Tara Veal Karmas did a stellar job of making these matching hoodies that have us wishing it was a little cooler so we could copy her!  

 It doesn't have to be just about matching either.  The guys in our lives really do appreciate it when we remember them and make them some fun 'me made' to rock around too.  We are just loving these shirts that our customer LaKendria Gadson did for her husband!  

And that doesn't always have to be clothing either!  Leslie Howard made these fabulous pillow cases for a Father's Day gift.  We love the ingenuity and thought that went into them.


And we can't forget our dads.  Just because we've outgrown the years of them parenting us doesn't mean we don't appreciate everything they did and continue to do.  Cassie Barry made her dad this shirt for her dad out of some triblend.  So let's show them some love too.

There's so much inspiration to be found!  We truly have some amazing customers with amazing talent.  Hopefully this helps all of us tackle Father's Day with some super comfy and beautiful fabrics.

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