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A majority of my sewing has always been focused on sewing with knit fabrics. I feel very confident sewing with them and love the versatility. However, I have always thought about trying something new and branching out into different sewing experiences. Something that has always peaked my interest was sewing with
woven fabrics. The only issue was that the idea of
sewing with woven fabrics seemed to intimidate me since it appeared harder than knit fabrics were. For a while, I was putting off taking on any actual projects dealing with woven's and kept letting my nerves get the best of me. There wasn't any rhyme or reason for me being nervous of sewing woven fabrics but I still chose to steer away from them. Until last year, when I finally decided to make my first woven garment which was a dress for my daughter. I used a peachskin woven for that dress for her and it actually turned out pretty cute! My daughter absolutely loved that dress, which made me very happy even though it definitely had it’s flaws.

Ever since I stopped letting my nerves get the best of me, I have found that I enjoy sewing with woven fabrics immensely. My last two garments I have made are woven shorts for my daughter and I. Not only will they be great for summer, but sewing shorts is something that I have been wanting to make for a while now. For my daughter’s shorts, I have used the stretch denim woven and they appear to be just like store bought jean shorts minus the button or zipper. My daughter absolutely adores that the shorts have pockets on the front and back but I am more impressed that they fit her so well. Being able to sew a wardrobe staple piece such as a pair of denim shorts that is catered to her tall and slim figure was such an amazing feeling. After sewing my daughter her pair of shorts, I knew that I wanted to tackle a pair for myself. For mine, I chose to use a peachskin woven fabric with a fun floral print. I also chose to do top stitching on the waist band which is something I have never done before. Both fabrics were easy to work with, and I can already tell that I will be making more shorts for my daughter and I this summer.

One of the biggest reasons I enjoy sewing, is that you get to make what you want or need for your wardrobe. Also, there will always be another pattern to tackle or even a new skill to be learned. It is always fun to put yourself out there and try new things because you just may find a new passion. If you are comfortable with sewing what you already do, then that is totally fine as well. Sewing is about creating what makes you happy and what you’d want to wear. It is just fun to let loose sometimes and go for something that you may have never tried before, even if it doesn’t necessarily scare you. Whether it is taking on a new fabric base, sewing buttons, zippers etc. just taking a step towards trying something new can open a new passion you didn't know was there.

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