Coverstitch Quandary

So you've looked at machine's that help you in the construction of your projects, but what about the finishing touches?  What about a hem?  A top stitch?  Getting into the market of a coverstitch can feel overwhelming and confusing.  Today we are going through some options with our Admin's favorite machines they use.

Barbie -  Brother Pacesetter Coverstitch 2340CV

My coverstitch is the Brother Pacesetter Coverstitch 2340CV. The reason I went with this machine was definitely price point since it is on the affordable side. However, it is an amazing machine to sew those hems with! I have also had no issues doing the reverse coverstitch for that awesome look on the seams you see on performance apparel. This machine is very easy to thread and you have the option to use up to 3 needles for your desired look. Could not be happier with this machine.

Cynthia - Janome 1000CPX

I love having a coverstitch in my studio when working with knits! Hemming is actually fun and I enjoy it! It also produces beautiful topstitching accents and bindings. I chose the 1000CPX over the 900CPX because I wanted the option of being able to add a third needle or vary the position of two needles depending on whether I wanted a narrow or wide gap between my rows of stitching. It was definitely a game-changer for me to add this machine and achieve a professional finish with my knit garments!

Heidi -  Elna Easycover

I'm crazy about my coverstitch machine and will tell anyone who asks! I have an Elna easycover. It is such a simple elegant design. It is crazy easy to thread and this machine is a real workhorse! One of my favorite features is the setting dial that allows you to adjust for thick or thin fabrics easily.  It sews through thick fabrics so beautifully!  

Alyssa - Babylock Evolution 

I love that my Evolution is not only a serger, but it also is a coverstitch!  I knew that I wanted both, and it saved me space by having a single machine that did both, even though the machine is bit bigger than your average serger/coverstitch.   I love that it has multiple options for hemming, a rolled hem, lettuce hem, a wave option, and 2-5 thread options.  It's fun being able to play around with all the finishing stitches.  It has air threading for the looper, which makes my life sooooooo easy.  The only downside is switching it back and forth from serger to overstitch, but in the grand scheme of only takes about 2 minutes to switch over.  So it's crazy easy.


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