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Today we are talking to our lovely admin, Dianna.  She's been with So Sew English Fabrics for about 5 months.  We're going to delve into her sewing journey!

How long have you been sewing?

I have been sewing since I was thirteen, technically. Our home economics teacher taught us how to make windsocks. After that class, I was hooked! However, I didn’t
 have access to a working sewing machine at home until I was 21 years old and my daughters were 3 and 1. I wanted them to have some of the super adorable boutique clothing, but it was out of my price range. That year for Christmas, I was given a sewing machine and the rest is history! It took me THREE months to make my first outfit, a cute little 3t tank and crop pant set made from a cute plain linen fabric I purchased on clearance.


What was your biggest sewing mistake?

I guess I am an oddball. I don’t really feel there are many ‘mistakes’ when sewing. I feel like most ‘oopsies’ can be corrected with either a seam ripper, a pair of scissors, or extra fabric!  However, if I have to say something… Maybe it’s not buying enough fabric for a project, but then I just declare a Tim Gunn moment and “Make it work!” (places hands on hips)

Current favorite pattern?

Oh gosh! This is SUCH a hard question. I have soooooooooooooo MANY! My current favorite tee pattern is the Seattle Tee from So Sew English Fabrics. My favorite top pattern is the Savannah from Made for Mermaids and my favorite cardigan is the Juliette Cardigan from Sonia Estep Designs. I am horrible though! When a new pattern drops, I need it! I will make at least one version. If I love it, I’ll make a few more!

Current trend you love in fashion and want to copy.

Sleeves! I am all about unique sleeves! My goal for this year is to work on structured sleeves!

Favorite print from So Sew English?

Aspen! I mean I have some drop dead gorgeous makes from So Sew English and only two things are Aspen but I love that print SO much! I am on the hunt for some Aspen stripes!

Something that still challenges you.

Jeans and Bras! These are also on my goal list this year! I hate doing the fly assembly on pants. I want to conquer that this year! As for bras, I have yet to make a real deal bra (one with molded cups and underwire). I hope to accomplish making both of these successfully this year!

A tip/trick you picked up/came up with.

I learned that if you set your sewing machine length to the longest setting, and then increase your needle tension as high as it will go… Your sewing machine will gather for you! No ruffler foot necessary for this trick! Just leave super long tails when you start and stop. Presto! It’s like magic!

If you had to choose between a favorite tool which would it be?

My Kai Scissors! Hands down! Literally! ;) I have severe arthritis and have learned that if I stick to the Kai scissors, I can sew longer because it doesn’t hurt my thumb like the heavier shears do.

Favorite fabric base and a fabric base you'd like to try more.

My favorite fabric base?!? Y’all! That’s like asking me to have a favorite child… it just doesn’t work that way! LOL If I *had* to pick, I would say Venezia Ity. Even though it can be finicky at times, I absolutely adore the outcome! That cool, slinky feeling top is well worth the effort! If I had to list a fabric base I would like to try more… Oakley. It’s a recent addition at So Sew English Fabrics! It is quickly working on becoming my favorite! I love the softness of it so much!

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