Feature Friday - Stephanie Farias

I had the absolute pleasure of featuring our very own lovely Stephanie as our first Feature Friday.  She's been an admin with SSE for a little over a year and what a joy she is to have on the team!   

How long have you been sewing? 

I have been sewing steadily for 6 years, since I was pregnant with my daughter. But I learned to sew when I was 7 years old from my maternal grandmother, my Nana. I also took 2 years of fashion class in high school.

What inspired you to start sewing?  

My Nana. She hand makes all of her clothing, which to this day (and for the past 30 years) has been patterned mumus. *laughs*  She makes her mumus and before my grandfather passed away, he would get matching button up shirts and they would "twin" everywhere they went. My husband doesn't know it yet, but this is his future.

Biggest mistake you've made on a project?

Not pinning something. I'm a rebel and I hate pinning and clipping, but every time I stop and think, "Maybe I should pin this?", I don't.  The catastrophe ensues and I end up with a date with my seam ripper. Also basting, when a pattern tells me to baste something, I scoff at their suggestion and don't.  I always end up wishing I had!  

Current favorite pattern?

My current favorite pattern is the Oversized Sweater from Patterns for Pirates.  It's just so big and comfy.  I adore the loose fit, especially hanging around the house, paired with leggings.

Current trend you love and want to recreate?

I love the pencil skirt trend that is sticking around. I love a good midi pencil skirt paired with a band tee. I live in band tees. This is a fun way to dress them up. I'd say the animal print trend too, but animal print is timeless.

Favorite print from So Sew English?


My favorite print from SSE would have to be Riley. I don't know what it is about that black/ gray with white and those pops of blue flowers that gets me every single time. I'm not even really a blue person, but I love that fabric so much!  My favorite for my daughter is the rainbow geo.

Something that still challenges you?

V necks are my nemesis. I shudder at the thought. One goes well and I think I've finally got it. Then, with that false sense of security I think I'm the bomb and my next V neck is a complete disaster! That's what I love about sewing though...the patience and practice that is needed. There's no high horses allowed haha.

Any tips/tricks you picked up?

My favorite tip/trick or rather, a habit that I've picked up is memory pressing everything before assembly. There is nothing worse than burning your fingers trying to hem a child's sleeve in the round. A little prep goes a long way. Another tip is that I use Crayola washable markers in lieu of a fabric pen. I can never find mine and my kids have a million markers so it works out well, and always washes out!

If you had to choose a favorite tool, what would it be?

My favorite tool is my rotary cutter and mat, I don't know how anyone uses scissors.

Favorite fabric base to use, and a fabric base you would like to try more.

My favorite fabric base is DBP, it's just so easy, stretchy, and soft. I love it! My
favorite woven would be rayon Challis, hands down, which is also the fabric I want to use more. I feel like I sew so many knits that I'm often longing for a nice woven sew.



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Kathleen Voie

Kathleen Voie

I really like the animal print top you are wearing. Do you have the pattern name?
Thanks much.



So lovely to read about your sewing journey. I love looking at your makes as they always sit so perfect on you. 💕



Great idea to start feature Friday! One addition would be to include pattern names and fabrics for each photo. I want to know what some of these patterns are!

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