Feature Friday - Heidi

What a pleasure to have our very own Heidi on the blog today!  

How long have you been sewing?

I made my first garment in 4-H when I was 10. It turned out ok, but I thought of it more as an assignment than a hobby and did not sew again, with any regularity, until adulthood. I was a bit of a rebel and often didn’t want to do something if I HAD to. I’m still that way a little bit.

What inspired you to start sewing?

After I had my second child I wanted to cloth diaper, and decided that it would be cheaper to make my own.  From there I moved to upcycling clothing for my boys and then discovered PDF patterns, after that there was no going back! I was hooked! I’ve been sewing knit apparel for 5 years, now. 

What was your biggest sewing mistake?

Once during a pants sew along, I was so focused on filming and teaching that I wasn’t paying close attention to my project, and I made two left legs!

Current favorite pattern?

I am loving slouchy sweatshirts and have rediscovered the P4P relaxed raglan. I’ve made four in a row and they’re all I want to wear.

Current trend you love in fashion and want to copy?

I’m suddenly crazy for Tie Dye. It is just so fun! I can’t seem to pass up a cute Tie Dye fabric. I’m growing quite the collection. 

Favorite print from SSE?

This is a tough one! I love stripes and recently when I reorganized my fabric I realized that I have far more stripes than any print. But, if I had to choose just one print from all of the gorgeous prints over the years, I’d have to say the Alyssa floral. I love the way the greyscale floral makes the colors pop!

Something that still challenges you?

Buttonholes. I find them so intimidating, especially after I've spent all that time and effort constructing the garment, only to take the chance on messing it up with crooked or uneven buttonholes.

A tip/trick you picked up?

I always keep pretty floral washi tape on hand. I tape a piece to my machine as a visual guide to line up my fabric and keep my stitching straight. It is especially helpful when sewing decorative topstitching. You definitely want it straight if it’s going to be a focal point of your garment.  

A favorite tool?

I LOVE wash away wonder tape and buy it in bulk! I use it all the time, for zipper installation, pocket placement, stripe matching and as an alternative to basting.

Favorite fabric base and a fabric base you'd like to try more?

It is so hard to narrow down my choice to only one fabric base! I love them all! The fabric I find myself reaching for most often is DBP, because of its excellent stretch and recovery. I also love how durable and bright the print remains even after years of wear. One base that I love and plan to use more this summer is our cotton blend jerseys such as triblend and poly cotton jersey. They are so light and breathable, perfect for Tennessee summers.

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