Which Serger is Right for Me?

So you're in the market for a new serger, how exciting!  But all the different models can be so overwhelming.  What options do you want?  What aspects are you looking for?  What is a serger?  A serger is a machine that encloses the edges with an overlock stitch, and because it has a blade it trims off the excess fabric as it sews.  There are different thread options ranging from 2-5 threads and often different stitch choices.  And now it's time to read all the reviews.  The SSE team has gathered together our machines and the qualities we love about them.

 Barbie -  Juki MO-2000QVP

I have the Juki MO-2000QVP and it is an amazing machine! There are so many features about this machine that I absolutely love. One feature that I love about this machine is that it has an air powered threading system; which is incredible! All you have to do is get your thread through the tension disks and to the air threading openings (two holes), flip a switch up to signal you’ll be air threading and turn the hand wheel until everything locks, then press the air button which will shoot the thread through the machine with a burst of air and it is fully threaded (repeat other thread).  My first serger did not have this option and I always dreaded changing my thread.. but not anymore. Besides the air threading, I really love that this machine has a digital screen and graphics above to show different stitching styles. Instead of getting my manual out and finding the options to change my stitch, all I have to do select my desired stitch that I want on the digital screen and then it will tell me what my settings need to be changed to. It is incredibly convenient to have it all right there on the machine. This machine is a dream come true and I couldn’t imagine sewing without it! 

Cynthia - Juki MO-1000

Two words- AIR THREADING! I used to dread threading my other serger but not anymore! Having arthritis in my hands can make tedious tasks like these difficult but its such a breeze (haha) now with the jet-air threading and automatic needle threading! This machine is solid, serges smoothly as well as being much quieter than my Brother 1034D!

Heidi -  Brother 1034D

I have a standard brother 1034D. It doesn’t have any bells or whistles, but it is easy to thread and has worked well for me over the years. 

Alyssa - Babylock Evolution 

My serger I have had for about 2 years now and absolutely LOVE it.  The first serger I had was given to me by an aunt, it was about 20 years old and really put me through the ringer.  So when I finally saved up enough to get my new machine it felt like night and day.  I absolutely love the air threading and I'm not sure I could live without it haha.  I love that it automatically changes tension between fabrics, I can sew one fabric and then immediately switch to another fabric base without changing anything.  It also has so many stitches and options I really felt like I was investing in something for the long run.  My big downside to this machine is the price.  It definitely is an expensive machine, and I definitely had to save up for a long time to afford it.  It was an investment and will be around for a long time.

Dianna - Babylock Evolution

Actually, my serger is a “combination” machine. I own a Babylock Evolution! It is a fantastic addition to anyone’s sewing space! I can switch from serging to coverstitching in five minutes flat!  Y’all! Talk about a game changer! Now, I admit that prior to my Evolution, I haven’t had the luxury of a coverstitch machine. I’m so glad I made the investment for myself!  Clothing I used to make would either be worn unhemmed or sit in a pile bc I just didn’t like how my sewing machine handled the twin needle. The stitches didn’t look nice enough for me.  The Evolution has several features! Air threading being my favorite, by far. Whisssh, whish and now your loopers are threaded! Make sure your settings are good to go, engage your knife and serge away! No fiddling with tensions like with my previous machines.  I love the fact that I can cut out a dress and got to finished in about 30 minutes! I think a wrap dress that took SIX yards of fabric, May have taken an hour just because there was SO much hemming to take care of!
Pros: Airthreading, Self adjusting tension, Combination machine- serging and
Cons: self adjusting tension (this machine can’t do the light gathers like the cheaper sergers can as it has auto tension), Small throat space- in a perfect world the  space would be larger to allow better movement for detail coverstitching. It’s doable but just more fussy. 


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