I think I love you, SEW what am I so afraid of?

Aaaaaaah Valentine's day, can you feel it in the air?  I'm still reeling realizing it's almost February.  With all the parties and school events in mind, now is the time to start sewing up all those little lovelies for our Valentine's.  I always think about all the kiddos in my life.  Sure it's all the class parties, my daughter asking me to make her valentine a gift (I'M STILL NOT READY EMOTIONALLY, You can't make me), showing all my niece's and nephews how much they mean to me.  Hearts, roses, pinks and reds,  there will be some stylish kids out there with these festive threads.

Grown ups need some love to on Valentine's day.  Maybe that perfect something for date night, or that perfect something for after date night.  And you don't have to have a significant other in your life, I always looked at Valentine's day as a day of love.  And sometimes the person who needs the most love, is yourself.  Sew something for yourself, be your own Valentine!  

What are some of the ways you sew for the people you love?  And don't forget to take some time for yourself, buy that extra box of chocolates just for you!


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Katerina Kuhlmann

Katerina Kuhlmann

Sewing my hubby and son matching sweaters, me and my baby girl a matching shirt, and of course a little something special for valentines night ;)!

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