Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Did you realize there's a big football game coming up?  I'm guessing you're not like me who just realized that.  
Now I have to be honest, as you can already tell sports were never my thing.  And I hear you, a lot of people say that.  To give you an idea of what I mean, I was cut from every sport I ever tried out for.  That included being the only one cut from cheerleading, and that includes the girl with a cast on her foot...so like I said sports were never my thing.  
But I happened to marry someone who loves sports.  You know the one, they were good at every sport they tried.  It just seemed to naturally come to them.  So you can guess my whole idea of sports had to change, and that includes sewing for them.  

We've talked about performance fabrics and some of their qualities before which you can find here.  Today we're going to look at how to sew when you're a fan of a sport.  There's the more traditional, dare I say obvious routes to take.  You can use some of our fun novelty printed double brushed poly's to create the perfect fan attire.  Baseball, football, soccer fans can rejoice, because dbp is not only versatile but it can be so vibrant.  And that's a good thing for all of those fans who want to wave their colors high.

And don't forget to be creative!  Use fabrics in a unique way to express your love for sports.  Use some horses for your equestrian.  Got a swimmer?  Make a splash with some of our sharks!  Be innovative with your sews.  You may be in for a treat realizing how clever you are.

But it doesn't always have to be sports balls and equipment.  All teams have colors so play around with that idea!  Solids in every base are a great base for any sports fan.  Use a plaid in your colors to make a piece that transitions from the bleachers, to everyday.  Or make a pair of joggers that look just as great going out as they do paired with your favorite jersey.

You excited for the game this weekend?  Or maybe just the uninterrupted sewing time you get while everyone else is watching it??

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