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August is upon us, and you know what that means.  It's almost time for school to begin!  You may or or may not be excited about that (depending on how well your summer went), but with the upcoming school year comes new back to school clothes, which means new sewing!  

Right now you can participate in our back to school capsule contest!  Not sure what a capsule contest is?  No problem!  We discuss a capsule wardrobe in our Spring Capsule blog.  A brief summery of a capsule would be a collection of articles of clothing that are cohesive and pair well with one another, thus making them interchangeable with each other.

 If you're not interested in doing a capsule, no worries!  You can still focus on sewing for all your school wardrobe needs.  

What do you need?

What fabrics are great for back to school?  Well you're in luck, because you could use most of them!  When sewing a school wardrobe I like to have a variety of fabrics involved.  You want pieces that are going to last through multiple seasons.  School starts when it's warm, but quickly goes into chillier temps.  Now is the time to shake things up and grab hold of all sorts of different bases.  Looking to make some new pants or leggings?  Try some of our stretch denim!  Schools get chilly, grab some hacci and sweater knit for all the layering.  Now is the time to really mix and match fabric combinations.

Remember Neutrals...but also remember colors

You're always going to want to keep some great neutrals in your wardrobe.  Those fantastic pants that go with everything.  That shirt you constantly wear in different ways.  That cardigan that can be worn all the time.  They become really versatile staples to a school wardrobe.  And if you're like me, they get the most use.  But don't forget to think about colors.  Having those neutrals is great, but they wold be lonely without the bright various prints that go with them.  I always like to start with favorite colors first.  But I also always challenge myself to make at least one item that's outside my normal.  You don't have to do more, but you may find yourself really loving that "unusual for you" item and wanting to add more.

Think about seasons

I aways try to remember that even though it's warm when school begins, the school year is going to go through all the seasons.  So when planning and sewing a back
to school wardrobe keep in mind to add different pieces that will transition from warm to cold, or make excellent layering pieces.  It may feel odd making a sweater or jacket when it's 90 degrees out, but eventually it will come in handy.  

Think about comfort and mobility

I like to take into consideration the amount of use my clothing is going to get.  I definitely want something that is going to function well, something that can hopefully last me all school year.  Through all the playgrounds, desks, projects, and late nights.  But I also need to take into consideration the comfort of the outfit.  Maybe make some solid colored joggers, they can be styled for everyday but also are very comfortable.  

We're excited to see all the new school clothes you guys create!  New seasons, new change, new sewing opportunities!





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