So, Is Sewing Affordable- Women's Designer-Wear Edition
Many of us have been there before. An invitation arrives in the mail or online- maybe to a party, reunion, or a wedding, and suddenly in a closet full of clothes, we have NOTHING to wear. Y’all, this happened to me last week.

My husband and I were just invited to a friend’s wedding, and I’ll be honest, I absolutely panicked. And after a long, hard look at my closet, I decided that nothing I had would do (Can one actually wear sweatpants to a wedding these days? Asking for a friend…).
But then, I found it. The perfect dress. It was sweet, simple and fun. But, at $88 plus shipping to either order online, or driving to the nearest Nordstrom two hours away, it was just way out of my reach.

But fear not, friends... I can make this! Thankfully, my fashion induced panic-sesh coincided with August’s end of the month Bundle Chicken event. I quickly found and bought this bundle with two yards of performance fabric in the perfect shade of fuchsia pink. And with 30% off plus quick shipping, I knew I was in business. (The bundle I used is no longer in stock, but you can find the yardage of the fuchsia performance I used HERE.) 


 Now let's talk a little about performance fabric. Many times, we'll see questions like, "What can it be used for besides athletic wear?" Let me tell you, performance fabric is perfect for a dress like this! It has great stretch, is super comfortable, and has great body and good structure for shape of this dress. I'll also use performance fabrics for lightweight jackets, structured shorts or pants, and any dress or top that would benefit from the structure and form, while still staying relatively lightweight and stretchy. 

The dress I made myself took the full two yards of performance fabric I received in the bundle, plus a little less than one yard of ⅜’ elastic for the neckline. That equals $18.50 worth of fabric, and $.75 of elastic. Add it all up, and it only cost me $19.25 to make.












Now to compare. Here’s my inspiration dress for $88, and my handmade one at $19.25. That’s a savings of $68.75! And guess what? I feel absolutely fabulous in it. I was able to save a pretty penny, and adjusted the pattern and fit to something that was made uniquely for me. And you know that’s a feeling that money just can’t buy.













Now all that’s left to do is practice my faux-humble smile and casually dropping, “Why thank you, I made it myself…” into conversations with complete strangers.

Don't forget to take advantage of the amazing Labor Day sale going on til 11:59 PDT TODAY! See you next time, everyone!

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