SSE Testers Talk: Summer Favorites!

It's finally summer time! And warmer temps means a change up in our sewing habits. This week, instead of focusing on a specific pattern, our amazing testers are sharing with us what their favorite summer sews are. Let's see what they have to say: 

Sherrie Broussard

What is my fav SSE top pattern? Well you know it!  The Sulky Tee!

This time I used SSE fabric from a bundle because SSE bundles are coordinating fabrics and are so great!

Pink= Rayon Spandex

Southwestern= Bubble Crepe Woven

Yes! I used woven on the sleeve, which was a sleeve from the Florence dress/top pattern.


Katrina Pound

When I asked which child wanted me to make them a shirt but, they would have to model it, all three raised their hands! Good thing the Rio Raglan is such a quick sew because these kiddos keep me hopping. The fit is fantastic and I love that with it going up to size 20 they won’t grow out of the pattern any time soon


Amanda Agyeman-Budu

Summer’s here and we all can use a freshening up of our shirts for the new season! That’s exactly what I was going for with these!  These babies are none other than the SULKY TEE!! My summer staple this year! I can’t get enough of it and it’s silhouette! It fits like a dream! The length of the sleeves is perfect for a girl who’s self conscious of her arms. I feel like they’re covered enough to feel good about myself! This will be always be my go to shirt going forward! Not only does it make a relatively quick sew this way, there’s the ability to make it with a fun tie too like I did for my girls! It’s a fun; versatile pattern to have at your finger tips for all the moments of summer!


These three are all made with the curved hem option and I tried a new method of hemming them. I’ll never go back to trying to just fold up the bottom and cover stitching a curved hem. I’m sure you all know how and have done this but to someone out there struggling, try this, you’ll love it and be less afraid to tackle hemming a curved hem! To start, I simply cut 3/4 in off the bottom of the pattern pieces of the front and back bodice. Then I cut (2) 1 inch strips of the same fabric as the shirt. I cut them off the end of my 2 yard cut of the fabric so I didn’t have to calculate how much I needed. They are around 60 inches that way. I made sure to cut them going perpendicular to the salvage edge so the stretch of the fabric was going the length of the pieces. Before constructing the shirt at all, I simply sewed the 1 in strips, right sides together, to the bottom of the front and also to the bottom of the back pieces. Once this was done, I turned the one inch piece under as my hem and cover stitched it down on each piece! Then, I proceeded to construct the shirt as the pattern states only when you get to the center hemming part you’re already done!!! Just be sure to line up your hems on the side seams! Walah! No weird twisting or funkiness on the curve!


My summer wardrobe just got way more stylish than the plain black shirts that I gravitate toward. I feel pretty and put together in them!!


Terri Levine

It’s hot, I’m tired, and I need some new shorts. My favorite summer solution? Chelsea Pants to the rescue.

This pattern is quick and versatile. With multiple pocket options, waistband styles, and lengths, it’s a wardrobe builder for any season.

I had 3/4 of a yard of this SSE leopard French Terry - just enough for the Bermuda length with elastic waist and double curved pockets. I haven’t hemmed them yet because I don’t want to take them off. I guess I need to make a few more pairs!


Rachael Brown

Since the beginning of summer is this week, we are doing things a little differently for the blog this week. The testers are sharing their favorite things about summer SSE sewing!

It was hard to narrow it down… But my two favorite things about sewing SSE for summer are:

  • cute floral tank tops
  • comfortable and versatile dresses

The Catalina and Phoenix patterns are summer staples for me since they fit both the criteria.

I love the Catalina's built in bra, but the awesome straps are my favorite part!

I love the clean lines on the Phoenix dress, and I know this black one will get A LOT of wear since it goes with a million stylings. Plus- it’s breezy and comfortable in the heat.

And there you have our testers' favorite summer sews! Which pattern or

fabric are you excited to sew up this summer? Let us know in the comments or share on our Facebook page! 

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Sherrie Broussard

Sherrie Broussard

Great job on all the sews and the blog!! So much fun:)

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