SSE Testers Talk: The Phoenix Top and Dress Pattern!

Our newest SSE Testers Talk features the Phoenix Top and Dress Pattern! This beautiful, breezy tank-style garment that is as fun as it is easy to wear! The clean neckline and armycye are simple and classy. We love that this pattern offers both options for knit or woven fabrics, and can be sewn as a crop, top, tunic, or maxi dress. Choose between the scoop hemline shape or the trendy hankie hem. The pattern includes a fabric belt for even more styling options, and best of all....pockets! 

Let’s hear what our testers have to say about the Phoenix Top and Dress Pattern: 

Cathryn Larkin

Wonderful summer pattern- so cool and versatile!

I made this one out of Rayon spandex. I chose tunic length, and made a few quick tweaks- I cut my tunic 2” longer, and added a 3 1/2” ruffle, making it a handkerchief mini length. Measure your hemline, and cut the width 1 1/2 times wider (plus seam allowances). Remember to mark all your quarter points so your ruffle comes out even. And did I mention pockets?

Melissa Faith

When Phoenix first released I thought “OMG! I NEED that pattern! I LOVE it!” And I still do. It’s perfect for the summer heat that many of us are getting or even layered with a cardigan for the cooler weather.
Did you know that you can use knit or woven fabrics? Very few patterns out there have this option. You can also chose from two different hem lines, four different lengths, adding pockets and a belt! I chose the curved hem line, top length in a knit fabric; adding 1” to accommodate for side waist. I couldn’t believe I was able to squeeze out two Phoenix’s from this 2yd cut of DBP. My 21y/o elephant loving daughter has already told me that she is going to steal it. Sometimes being very close in size works in her favor and not mine LOL.

Next up…a beautiful woven in a dress length. However, I think I might add some ties into the seams at my natural waist line to tie it at the back vs doing the belt. What do you think?

Bridgette Latimer

Making this Phoenix top was a blast!!! My favorite part of construction is the facings. No troublesome bands and no weird stretching of pieces, nothing to mess up. Thread the strap bit through, hem and done! I took the top length version was so perfect, but I wanted to attempt a hi-lo hem of sorts. I took
the front hem and turned it upright, creating a sort of scoop in front, with the low hem in back. I stitched it as usual for the rest, and fell in love with the unique look!! I think if I do another like this, I may add a cute embellishment like a crochet trim to spice things up. Phoenix is the perfect summer top and dress- great for any fabric.

Lisa Bare

It’s summer this week in Ohio (it reached 97 degrees today) which means time for tanks and dresses! I don’t have a pattern hack - I made the pattern as instructed- but I do have a life hack. The laundry at my house is never-ending with a husband and two daughters. So instead of washing and drying a top/dress, I will often just sew up something new. It’s often faster than doing laundry. Instant gratification!

The Phoenix sews up quickly so it’s on my go-to list for these situations. I just love it.
-The V in the front, and The back style.
-Several different style options and lengths.
This is the tunic length style with curved hem. I think this would be cute worn over a swimsuit or even as a nightgown. Fabric is DBP - most likely from a bundle purchase. The rainbow makes me happy. I wore this to work under a black shirt-sleeves cardigan and got lots of smiles and compliments.

June B Sewist

This was my first time making the Phoenix. I love all the choices of length and different hem shapes. The V-neckline is so flattering and I love the shape of the Handkerchief hem, with it's deep V in front and back. My fabric is the. Aqua/Pink Blush Lily ITY. It has a lot more burgundy in it than the name implies. There are still a few yards left. ITY is one of my favorite fabrics. I love the drape, touch and coolness of it. It is great for our extremely hot and humid Summers on the TX Gulf Coast.

I like for my tank-type tops to hit as close under my arms as possible, so I shortened the connecting straps a whole lot. I got them down to about 1 inch. This also allows me to wear my regular bra.

Rachael Brown

This pattern is a favorite of mine for summer! This is the second time I’ve done this modification, and I doubt it’ll be the last!
Steps for my hack-
-measure the width of your waist and taper front bodice piece in to about 1/4 of that and have the
side be as long as your side waist.
-cut 2 fronts out (instead of front/back) and then 2 more fronts in your lining (instead of using the
-cut 4 of the strap pieces, one for each shoulder point.
-cut the skirt out as normal, with the top being about where your natural waistline is.
-assembling the bodice is very similar to the pattern tutorial, the main difference is gathering the skirt
and attaching to the bodice.
I love how sweet the style is with the shoulder ties, and the front and back V! Bonus points in that you don’t have to worry about putting it on backwards!

And that concludes our SSE Tester's Talk about the amazing Phoenix Top and Dress Pattern! Come back here next week to hear about our latest featured pattern! 

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