SSE Testers Talk: Pittsburgh Walking Pants

It's time for this week's Testers Talk! This week, we're covering the amazing Pittsburgh Walking Pants Pattern.

The Pittsburgh Walking Pants are the perfect go-to pant pattern! With so many options and flexibility for fabric choices, you will want to make a pair for every day of the week.  We love the gusset for better fit and range of movement and the side panel pockets for a nice color blocking and scrap-busting opportunity. And have we mentioned the pockets? 

One of the most amazing things about this pattern is that it was drafted with a comfortable ease through the hip and waist, which allows for greater versatility in regard to fabric choice and stretch percentage. Oakley leggings? Count us in!

Let's hear from our fabulous tester team why they love the Pittsburgh Walking Pant Pattern, and how they made their version! 

Sherrie Broussard

These are just my first Pittsburghs and the fit is fabulous! And I just love the pockets because when I go walking, I need a place for my phone. This is such a great easy pattern!
The options are:
- shorts to full length
- cuffs or no cuffs
- adult and child size patterns
- everyday wear or workout pants
I used foil camo from SSE with elastic in the waist, and the capri length for summer. I sized down for a more compressed fit for exercise, and they aren’t too tight but don’t budge.

Melissa Faith

It’s finally warm enough here to wear skirts and dresses routinely! With that this girl needs some spanx/short shorts for some extra coverage and comfort. EVERY single pair and I mean EVERY single pair that I currently own (all RTW) roll or crawl up my thighs so all I do is pull them down all day long. Grading sizes is important, we all know that. And because of that I can happily say…no rolling, no crawling…these babies have stayed put 100% all day and I even wore them to bed to see how they would work out! They stayed put! The ITY is lightweight and very comfortable. Try it. You’ll love them! I’ll be making several more to replace what I already have.

Erin Knight

This was not my first time using this pattern, but it was my first time using the peached performance fabric and it is SO GOOD. Sturdy, comfy, stretchy, all of the right things for some fun new summer shorts. This was also somehow the first thing I've ever made my daughter and I to match! How is that possible?!?? Well, more matching shorts to come, because these are the best. The pocket is big enough for my phone; I used 1" elastic in the top edge of the waistband for mine and they stay in place all day!

Cathryn Larkin

I had an idea for a hack- and I love the results! Cut all your pieces out (capri, crop, or cuff length) per directions, except the side panel. I cut the side panels between the two shorts lengths, an inch below the lengthen line. Hem 1” and set aside. Then I cut an additional side piece from that point down to my chosen length, plus 2”. I sliced that bottom panel into 1 1/2” strips, keeping them in order. (I have 12 strips for each side). Take the bottom set of strips and set aside til later. Using wonder tape, turn each strip edge to the back center (wrong sides together) and topstitch in place. (Remember to continue keeping them in order- from top to bottom). Now follow the directions stopping before attaching the cuff.
Take those bottom strips we saved, and fold them wrong sides together, hot dog style. This will be basted to the bottom of the side panel opening, raw edges towards the bottom (Use 1/2” seam allowance). This gives you a foundation to attach the cuffs- which is the next step. Before sewing the crotch seams, we attach all those strips. I color coded all of mine so I wouldn’t get confused.

Lay one leg right side down on your ironing board. Press a 1/2” seam allowance back on the right and left edge. You’ll be clipping (or pinning) your strips to this.
Lay your strips face down evenly from the top to the bottom of your opening. Mine are spaced 3/4” apart. Once you have them clipped evenly, baste them in place stitching on the now open fold line, being careful not to let the strips shift. After both legs are all basted, topstitch from the right side of the pants. Now you can follow the directions to complete your pants
Be sure to tag me so I can see yours too!

Bridgette Latimer

For these cozy Pittsburgh pants, I used this comfy French terry knit. They are a great fit!! The elastic waist was necessary, but a really easy addition to keeping these lounge capris up. I feel like I can wear them out to dinner or to bed!
The side pocket is perfect for my phone, something that literally never fits in the pockets of RTW clothing. I love the capri length and omitting the band made it feel extra chic. My daughter insisted she needs some of these.

Amanda Agyeman-Budu

Pittsburgh Walking Pants are a pattern that you’ll want to make a million of when you use peached performance fabric! Seriously!!! True love! Ready to wear doesn’t have anything on these! I feel like they’re a cross between leggings and joggers depending on the size in which you choose. Size down
and they’re athletic leggings. Use your true size and you’ve got athletic joggers. That’s what I went for with this gray and striped peached performance pair I whipped up. I wanted something that would be perfect for laid back weekend attire that would lend itself to be able to be worn out and about as well.
My favorite features of the pattern you ask??? Here you have ‘em….
The ability to place detail on the side panel seams is priceless! The construction of it gives coverstitch lovers, like me, the ability to go to town on the seams! I get so many compliments and a lot of disbelief when others find out that they were handmade partly because of this detail! I love the fun feeling when you’re able to get this response from people! With the side panel and pocket options, the sky’s the limit on what the pants can look like. Pockets or no pockets. Contrasting fabric or all the same. You name it, you can do it. I’m a sucker for a side
pocket myself! I just love the easy storage of and access to my phone. In terms of style on those pockets and panels, while testing the pattern, I used floral stretch mesh over a yellow nylon spandex to create a fun look on the side. In contrast, others used the same fabric for all the pieces and that’s an even different look yet. Check out all the options in the testers pics included in the pattern for really great ideas!
Then, I wouldn’t be telling all my favorite things about the pattern if I didn’t mention my love for a good old cuff option!! There’s no hemming involved then!! With the little time I have between all the activities that my kids are involved in, these are winners in my book. Can be whipped up in no time if need be!
Lastly, not only do I love the pattern for the pant option for myself, I also have girls that love it for the shorts version for volleyball practice!! Super comfy! You can check out a pair I made in the kids pattern photos! So cute and teen and tween approved!

Give the pattern a go! The options are so good but I fancy the athletic knit relaxed version myself. I promise you’ll love them and I absolutely without a doubt recommend you try peached performance for a pair!


Rachael Brown

I feel like this pattern doesn’t get the hype it deserves. It’s one of my favorite patterns for knit shorts! These are the shortest length option with the elastic Chelsea’s waistband. I love the side pocket panel for color blocking, and the gusset is incredibly comfortable. I wore these shorts the other day and they totally stayed put! No wedgies, no riding up! LOVE IT! The longer lengths make for great casual pants with band style cuffs. You can also size down and
these work as leggings! Because of the varying fits and lengths available, you can use SOOOO many fabrics for this pattern! I’ve seen everything from Oakley, to swim, to cotton ft (which is what these are).


And that's it for this week's tester talk! Check back here next week for our next pattern discussion! 

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