8 Useful Sewing Tools

Ever feel like you could use all the help you could get when in the sewing room?  It doesn't matter if you've been sewing for years, or maybe just started.  We've all needed the extra help when sewing.  Now, we all have a pretty good idea on the basics like pins and a pincushion.  But what about some more unique tools that you may not think of right away?  Here are 8 useful sewing tools you may have overlooked.

Sewing Clips 

Has there been a more useful tool out there?  First time I saw these I really couldn't understand why I would want them over the pins I had been using for years.  So Let me tell you, I'm eating my words now.  Clips are what I predominately use now to hold my pieces in place.  They nicely hold my layers in place without poking holes into my fabric.  Don't get me wrong, you can still use pins when you need to mark a more precise point in your fabric, but for my everyday use clips are my go to tool.


Knit Picker 

If you're like myself, you laughed a little reading that name.  But this tool more than makes up for it by not only having a hilarious name, but also being incredibly useful.  have serger tails you need to tuck in?  How about when you have those pesky snags in your sweater knit you want to loop back in?  The knit picker has a tiny hook that...well hooks those snags and lets you pull them back through the fabric.

 Scissors/Rotary cutter

Having a great pair of fabric scissors is an absolute must.  You may think it's not a big deal, but as soon as you switch over to a nice pair, the scissors speak for themselves.  It will make cutting out your fabric go quicker and smoother.  And if regular scissors aren't your thing, then you should look into getting a rotary cutter.  I like to switch between scissors and a rotary cutter depending on my project or how my hands are feeling.  Some of our favorite blades are on our site, and let me tell you, you won't be sorry grabbing a pair or two!


Now, you may be saying "I thought you mentions a good pair of scissors".  You're right, I did.  But we're talking about a great pair of snips.  Those smaller, more delicate pairs of scissors.  I have a few pairs that sip by my sewing machine at all times so I can use them as needed.  Finding a great tiny sharp pair of snips really makes a world of difference in those projects where you need to get really really close on those cuts.  I've even used some snips to help dislodge a metal snap that didn't sit correctly.  Having them in combination with your standard sewing scissors will make your life easier, if simply for having a pair that is always in hands reach while sewing.

Clear Ruler

Having a tape measurer is essential when sewing, but a good thing to add to your supply is a good clear acrylic ruler.  They come in different sizes and shapes which gives you lots of variety for different projects.  Having them clear is crazy helpful when lining them up. 

Tube Turner

 These can go by other names as well, but the most prominent use of it is how it can easily assist you in turning those skinny drawstrings and straps.  It takes so much of the headache out of trying to fish your fabric through only to get halfway done and lose the other end.  They also can be used in some cases to help with fishing elastic through.  It's not an essential tool, but definitely one that will take a lot of the struggle out of a step when sewing.

Seam Gauge

This tool is my number one go to to help me with hems.  It's much less cumbersome than my measuring tape and gives me more consistency when setting up my hems to stitch down.  It's a super fast way to gauge the size of my seams (haha, get it?), and all around if I need a quick measurement.

Pattern Weights  

This is one of those things that I never knew how badly I needed it till I had some.  Pattern weights take the hassle out of all the pinning you use to do when cutting out your pieces.  Holding down those corners and easily moved.  They come in different sizes, ranging from smaller to help fit in those sharp corners and larger to better help hold down large areas of a pattern.  

What are some of your favorite tools that maybe aren't talked about enough??

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Carol Kenny

Carol Kenny

This is the first time I knew what weights were
I use shipping tape works fine for me



Hi, do you sell the pattern weights or know where I can find them? Thank you.




Thank you for sharing this info. I totally forgot about the tube turner…it can be frustrating at times to turn items.

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