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Last November, I gave birth to my second son! Knowing I would breastfeed, and this time sewing my own clothes, I wanted to make my own breastfeeding friendly tops. With my first, I was too cheap to spend all that money on nursing tops, so I did the awkward lift-up-and-expose-everything method. It didn’t work well, especially while nursing in the winter! 

The closer it got to my due date, the more tired I got. I had a couple tops that crossed in the front or were low enough that I could just pull down to nurse in. That got me thinking. I wanted to use my pretty fabric but I didn’t want to use it for something I’d only wear for a little while to breastfeed and then never wear again. Why not just create a wardrobe with shirts that I can wear to breastfeed AND after?! So today, I’m going to show you a few of my favorite styles to wear and not show everyone and their brother my midriff and back!

First up, I love cross-front tops. I’ve always found it to be a flattering style for myself, as well as flattering on many other body types. This type of top just pulls to the side to feed your little boob goblin, then goes right back when you’re done to cover back up. Easy peasy! One of my favorite cross-front patterns is the Halla Cozy Wrap Sweater (aff link: This is actually a cardigan pattern, but includes an option for a sweater that crosses in the front and is SO cozy, just as the name suggests! I love making them in French Terry for winter, and the navy Cynthia was perfect. Bonus, they’re also great for snuggling little people skin to skin!

Next up… plackets! DO NOT FEAR THE PLACKET! With a well-written tutorial, a placket is not as intimidating as you’d think! The Halla Carefree Dress (aff link) was my choice for this one, and the placket is very easy to follow! Plus I needed a cute dress for date nights and going to the beach soon, so this is a win win! I used ITY from a bundle and some athletic double brushed poly! The dbp is great for holding in my momma tummy and the ITY has the perfect drape and flow for this dress. As a side note, this pattern also has a nursing option. 

Last, but not least, a vneck! Lots of v necks fall low enough that you can pull them to the side and easily nurse your babe. V necks are another one that sewists lose confidence over, but with a good tutorial they’re not that bad. There is a great video in the SSE Sew-a-long group that shows how to do a vneck. For my vneck this time, I chose the New Horizons New Orleans Tee (aff link: I love this pattern and it’s amazing in the cotton modal! Perfect for the end of summer, then I can throw a denim jacket on and wear it into fall. 

I love knowing that I can create my own breastfeeding friendly wardrobe that I can wear well after nursing! It helps me feel better about cutting into my pretties to know that I’ll still be wearing them long after my little buddy is done nursing. 

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