Vegas mash-up

Hi everyone! I'm Stephanie, here today to show you how to take the super cute Vegas Top pattern and make it even better by making it a romper style or dress style! The holiday season is coming, which means lots of parties and events to attend with more formal dress codes. I thought the Vegas Top would be the perfect base to get a few different looks that are perfectly on trend for this holiday season's styles!

Today, I'll be mashing the Vegas Top pattern with the romper pants of Made for Mermaid's Jade romper pattern, and the skirt of the Adeline dress pattern, also from Made for Mermaids.  *You can use any romper bottoms or any skirt you'd like. The two patterns I chose to mash, both have bodices that have negative ease and similar slim fit to the Vegas Top pattern. I checked the waist and finished bodice measurements first, to determine that they would be about the same size. My Adeline skirt happened to fit perfectly to the Vegas Top, and the Jade pants are gathered at the top, so I knew they would work. If making the romper, you also want to make sure you can squeeze through the neckline of your Vegas Top to put the romper on.

First, you will take your Vegas Top back bodice piece and front main bodice piece and lay them out. I folded my front bodice piece in half to find the center bodice. (Marked with a green marker). Then, I took the bodice front and back of the bottoms/dress I am mashing with the Vegas and laid them over the Vegas bodice patterns to see if the widths are close enough to mash, and to see where we want to cut or fold our Vegas patterns at the waist to attach the pants/skirt. The Jade and Adeline bodices both hit at the waist notches on the Vegas pattern. I added a ½ inch seam allowance below the notches to give us a little room to attach the
pants/skirt. (Line marked in pink marker) I cut/folded mine straight across at the pink line , but you will want to make sure to transfer the curves on the bottom of the front and back bodices as well. I did not think to do this, and would have made my fit even better.

Now that we have our Vegas patterns marked, we will be fold or cut the pattern pieces at the pink line at the waist, the point that we determined to be the appropriate level to attach our bottoms.  You are now ready to cut your fabric.  You'll cut all your Vegas pieces (using the shortened front and back bodice pieces instead) and your skirt or bottoms pieces.  Construct your Vegas top per the tutorial.  Construct your skirt/bottoms per the tutorial of the pattern you chose, and attach them to your Vegas bodice waist using a 1/4 - 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Volla!  Easy peasy!  You can use virtually any skirt or romper bottoms you like the fit or shape of.  The key is making your Vegas top mimic the bodice of the pattern you chose.  Being sure to mat h the bodice length, width, and any curves at the bottom of the bodice.

I hope you enjoyed these quick Vegas mashes!  We can't wait to see how you modify your Vegas tops into something unique!


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