Welcome to the New SSE Blog!

By offering a diverse mix of quality and affordable fabrics, So Sew English strives to inspire creativity and make the dream of self-made fashion a reality for everyone.”

The team at So Sew English is proud to debut our newest project, the SSE BLOG! We are excited to utilize this platform as another way to help our customers make the most of their passion for sewing. We will be covering basic lessons that you can easily refer to for help when troubleshooting or when tackling a new skill. You will be able to access pattern and fabric comparisons that will help you find the best project for your SSE fabric. And we will discuss topics close to our hearts about what it means to be a seamstress in today's world.

 But first, we want you to know a little about us; how this company began and the beliefs on which it was founded.

 So Sew English was founded by Amanda Carita, a single mother with a passion for sewing. This passion began in childhood and was deeply ingrained in her throughout her life.  As she pursued her craft, however, she ran into difficulty sourcing materials, discovering that beautiful fabrics were expensive and affordable fabrics low quality. Thus, began her dream to provide beautiful and affordable fabrics to the sewing community. She started small, but customers recognized her vision and her business quickly grew.

Affordable Quality Products for Everyone

Amanda took this passion for affordable quality fabrics and built SSE upon these two core tenants: 1) self-made fashion can be more economical than purchasing ready to wear, and 2) we need not sacrifice beauty or quality to make this possible. More than a brand, SSE is a movement to make the dream of self-made fashion a reality for everyone. We strive to provide affordable, quality fabric, and to source and offer unique prints that help the SSE customer stand out from the crowd.

Sharing the Transformative Power of Sewing

We at SSE believe that sewing is far more than simply a craft.  It is a way of providing for our families and of expressing ourselves.  It can be a form of relaxation or a creative outlet. To be able to create with our own two hands something so unique and beautiful can be transformative. That feeling when someone pays you a compliment and you can answer, “Thank you, I made this,” is something we want for all our customers.

The SSE Community

The modern sewing community is made up of a diverse group of people. People of all ages, sizes, of different backgrounds and beliefs.  At SSE we come together over a shared passion, creating beautiful one-of-a-kind apparel. We have come together to form a community of positivity, where our customers feel safe to share and to encourage one another to greater success. The sewing community has grown and changed over the years and although it may look very different than it did when our mothers and grandmothers were sewing and creating, it still holds the same importance in our lives.

Our Blog

Today we bring you our newest platform to further bridge these differences and come together as a community,the SSE Blog! At SSE we strive to empower our community, providing them with the resources and instruction to make their visions come to life. Our goal is not merely to provide our customers with a product but to support them by sharing what we have learned. The SSE Blog will be a way to help guide and instruct customers as they delve into a world of knit fabrics that is often completely new territory for them. Together we will learn, grow, and make our dreams of self made fashion a reality. We are so excited to be embarking on this journey with you!  


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