This is Halloween, This is Halloween

The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and spooky season is upon us.  Or for some of us, it's time to finally be relevant.  This is the time of year to let your creativity shine.  Halloween isn't just for costumes and kids, it can be an everyday vibe.  

One of the fun benefits of being able to create and sew is costumes.  Sometimes Halloween becomes our championship.  Whether you're sewing for one kid, a whole gaggle of kids, or even just for yourself, there are some ingenious costume ideas for the fabric that's hanging out in your stash.  Debating on which fabrics to use will depend on where you live and what you are comfortable with using.  I remember many years where I needed to wear a snowsuit over my costume while trick or treating.  And then other years it was in the high 80's, sweating my costume right off.  Someone who lives where it's constantly warm doesn't need to be as concerned with creating for cool weather.  Something I love to keep on hand for costumes is solids.  Solid fabrics will give you SO much flexibility and room to create.  Brown DBP on its own may feel basic, but with the right pattern, now you've created your little Jedi that perfect thing to tie in their costume together.  So not only can your little one play hero at the drop of a hat, but you get to be the actual hero for that costume.

Maybe sewing costumes just isn't something that you're in the mood to do.  There's no judgement there, sometimes costumes just aren't our thing.  That doesn't mean that we can't sew for our everyday frights.  Of course we have to talk about skullsspiders, pumpkins, and all things that go bump in the night.  How many last minute school outfits have you needed to sew together?  All the Halloween parties, all the spirit days that come up, you'll have something up your stitched up sleeves.  Halloween can give you a fright, but sewing for it doesn't have to give you any sort of scare, we've got you covered.  What are some of your favorite Halloween inspired looks?


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